Permission Lists

Permission lists are the building blocks of end user security authorizations.

You first create an inventory of permission lists, and then create user roles. When creating permission lists, consider each type of role that uses the permissions. Each permission list identifies the pages that individuals assigned to a role can access.

All permissions required for a particular role must be assigned to that role; otherwise, a user may not be able to use the functionality offered in PeopleSoft Resource Management.

PeopleSoft Resource Management delivers preconfigured permission lists that grant access to various pages. These permission lists support the functional roles delivered with the application.

Permission lists control access to pages, web libraries, components, and other objects as necessary to support an organization’s unique roles. To modify the access for a user’s role, you modify a permission list linked to the role.

However, because the delivered permission list may be updated to include new features in future application releases, it is recommended that you do not modify the delivered permission list. Instead, duplicate the delivered permission list and modify the copy to meet your needs.

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