Oracle-PeopleSoft Interviews

Welcome to the PeopleSoft Planet Interview pages. Our goal is to get some of the major players who are involved in ERP to speak to us on the record regarding the current state of affairs re: Oracle-PeopleSoft and SAP.

Obviously, we would love to talk to Larry Ellison, John Wookey, Charles Phillips and all the other key players involved in the PeopleSoft saga and get their side of the story. We plan to ask a lot of the tough questions on behalf of the development community and get all the rumors and innuendo addressed directly.

We also would like to talk to SAP and get their opinion of the merger and how it will influence their strategy this year. No matter which way you look at it, SAP seems to be heading for a showdown with Oracle-PeopleSoft!

In addition, we will be posting interviews from other magazines and periodicals that contain interviews with Oracle/PeopleSoft/SAP execs as they happen.

Stay tuned for more…
– The Editor

  Larry Ellison, Chairman and CEO, Oracle

  Charles Phillips, President, Oracle

  Craig Conwayex-CEO, PeopleSoft

  Ray Lane, Former President and COO, Oracle

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