PeopleSoft’s nVision is a reporting tool that is an extension of Microsoft Excel, primarily used for General Ledger Financial reporting.

Users create report templates that access ledger and summary ledger data and use selector trees for summarization purposes.

This data is selected, summarized, and put into the cells of an Excel spreadsheet.

The selector trees are represented in the pstreeselectxx tables, where the xx represents the length of the chartfield being stored in the tree.

For example, pstreeselect06 would contain trees associated with chartfields of length six; most commonly this would be account.

A common complaint of many PeopleSoft customers is the performance of nVision reports.

For some customers, just a few nVision reports running can cause their system to slow down considerably. To that end, PeopleSoft has made some wonderful performance enhancements to nVision, which can yield substantial improvements in run times and significant reductions in system load.

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