Where can I obtain training for J.D. Edwards software?

Where can I obtain training for J.D. Edwards software?


You can go to the following two places for training:

JD Edwards offers a thorough catalog of courses on all modules. The main training center is inDenver. You can call them and ask for a course
schedule at 1-888-jde-train or go to their website www.JDEdwards.com/training.

JDETips offers advanced application courses for consultants and clients in
selected areas. www.JDETips.com


For true JDE training you must go through JDE. Business Partners can conduct “Workshops” to assist you with this process.

A couple of notes regarding JDE training to consider. One, you don’t have to send everyone to training. I would recommend you send core people and train your other people using those core people. I believe JDE will do on-site training, but the cost may be high.


If it is only you, go to a training center, but make sure to ask the qualifications of the trainer, as many can be trained to train, with no real world experience with the product.

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