I understand that JDE will be supporting World indefintely

I understand that JDE will be supporting World indefintely. Does that mean that there will be new versions of World being distributed, or is 8.12 the final version?


There will be new versions of World. Current functionality will be enhanced and upgraded at some point. The biggest issue will be the lack of new functionality in One World or at least the lag time involved in functionality being built into One World being incorporated into World. XPIe, for example, was available in One World long before the adapter was even written for World and it still is supposed to be much less functional. An automotive piece is being worked on in One World and I did not hear it would be done in World as well. So if you can do without some functionality and the new web enabled tools, or are going to do the web enabled portion on your own it is less of a problem. It all depends on your situation. The products will not be mirror images of each other. If you are happy with World and the screen scraper or even green screen environment is good enough then you can stay with it until you are no longer happy with it and then move to One World later.

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