I have been told to force some users to change their passwords in PeopleSoft

I have been told to force some users to change their passwords in PeopleSoft the next time they log-in. Is there any way to do this?


First, enable password controls in PeopleSoft 8. To enable password controls, navigate to Home -> PeopleTools -> Maintain Security -> Setup -> Password Controls and click on the checkbox “Enable password controls?”.

Then define the number of days (between 1-365) that a password is valid under age, in this same page (to Home -> PeopleTools -> Maintain Security -> Setup -> Password Controls). Users logging on after a password expires must change their password to log on. When a password expires the user cannot sign on to the system.

PeopleSoft delivers a default permission list named PSWDEXPR (Password Expired). When a password expires for a user, the system automatically removes all of the user’s roles and permission lists and temporarily assigns them the permission list PSWDEXPR only.

A user whose password has expired can only access items in the PSWDEXPR permission list, which typically grants access to the My Profile component only. For the duration of the session (i.e. until the user changes the password) the user is restricted solely to the PSWDEXPR permission list.

By adding the My Profile component to the permission list, users can at least sign in to issue themselves a new password. If there are additional requirements that you need to append to the delivered PSWDEXPR permission list, you can add them using Maintain Security.

Note: The actual User Profile stored in the database is not changed in any way when the password expires. You don’t need to redefine the profile. When the password gets changed, the system restores the user profile’s previous roles and permission lists.


Update LASTPSWDCHANGE field in PSOPRDEFN, set it to a far off date in the future.

For example, in Oracle, from SQLPLUS, run:


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