Signon PeopleCode

Signon PeopleCode runs whenever a user signs onto PeopleSoft. The main purpose of Signon PeopleCode is to copy user profile data from a directory server to the local database whenever a user signs on.

This ensures that the local database has a current copy of the user profile. Because Signon PeopleCode runs at each signon, you are not required to maintain the local copy of the user information.

Signon PeopleCode is not limited to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration. You can also use Signon PeopleCode and business interlinks to synchronize a local copy of the user profile with any data source when a user signs on.

Because the Signon program is written in PeopleCode, you can customize it any way that suits your site requirements.

The basic process flow of Signon PeopleCode is as follows:

*A user enters user ID and password on the signon page.
*PeopleTools attempts to authenticate a user with the local PeopleSoft password.
*Signon PeopleCode runs.

It verifies the user and password, and then updates the local cache of user profiles stored in the PeopleSoft database.

Signon PeopleCode runs only when a user is logging through Pure Internet Architecture, the portal, or a three-tier Windows workstation.

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