Project Management

Welcome to the Project Management section of Project management is key to the successful implementation and deployment of any ERP system.

Though it seems really simple and intuitive, project management is actually a very very difficult task, especially for medium to large scale ERP projects. Project management often involves the co-ordination of multiple resources and multiple tasks to bring a project in on time and under budget.

With PeopleSoft and other ERP projects, this is usually almost impossible. A bunch of us in the office were discussing all the projects we had been on and how many had come in on time. We came up with (unscientifically of course) about 30 to 40%.

By our tally, possibly 60 to 70% of ERP projects will have their go live date slip and come in above budget.

60 to 70%!!!

In this section of the site, we bring you some articles and resources on Project management for ERP projects.

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