Process Scheduler

What is the “Process Scheduler” ?


The process scheduler is a way to automatically run Peoplesoft processes on a scheduled basis. This is usually Nightly, Weekly or Monthly. Processes that are scheduled are usually ones that contain processing for everyone in a Business Unit and would use up a lot of computer processing time if run during the day or is quicker to run as a whole.

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Jobs

The PeopleSoft process scheduler uses entries in the Process Request table (PSPRCSRQST) to drive its work decisions. These entries describe the processes which the Process Scheduler server agent will launch. They also contain the information required to determine the status of the process. The access method for PeopleSoft can insert entries, inquire against the contents and modify the status information within this table (PSPRCSRQST).

When documenting a PeopleSoft job in Tivoli Workload Scheduler, the user is actually defining a process request to be inserted in the Process Request table (PSPRCSRQST). A process request from Tivoli Workload Scheduler must contain three valid pieces of data:

* A process definition having two parts:
o Process Type
o Process Name
* An operator ID ( not required on execution on PeopleSoft 8.x)
* A run control ID

All of these items are required for a PeopleSoft job to execute. The access method for PeopleSoft directly updates the PSPRCSRQST table for PeopleSoft 7.x (2-tier connection), whereas for PeopleSoft 8.x it exploits the PeopleSoft application server through the interface exposed by the PROCESSREQUEST component interface (3-tier connection).

Note that the process scheduler and the application server run on Unix and on supported Windows FTA workstations, whereas the extended agent runs on Windows NT or Windows 2000 only.

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