We have a problem with Journals generated from subsystems getting locked

We have a problem with Journals generated from subsystems getting locked. When the Journal generation process is run with the Edit and Post options checked in the run control page, the Journals are become locked and are not being edited or posted. The process (FSPGJGEN) shows “Success” status, but the message log shows an error as follows:

COBOL Program PTPECOBL aborted (2,-1) At FSCOMBO_LIBR.EditCo mb.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Edit CF.OnExecute PCPC:511 Statement:1

Based on the error description, I assume you are on 8.4.

1. GL_JEDIT is an app engine that is calling a COBOL PROCESS for executing the combo edits.

Check the timeout allocated for your remote cobol process. This will be a configuration setting at the environment level. You can also look for it in PeopleBooks.

While PeopleBooks says that remote cobol should be used for processes that return results in < 15 seconds, it may not be the case for journal edit (we had journals with 50000+ lines that took about 320 seconds).

Depending on your environment, you might have table lock contentions when the GL_JEDIT is executing. If the remote cobol timeout is not resolving your issue, then look for table lock situations.

On DB2 we ran into an issue with the GL_JEDIT App Engine colliding with the remote cobol that the app engine calls for processing combo edits. This happened only in situations where we had large volumes.

2. FSPGJGEN does not capture the error message from the Journal Edit / Remote Cobol. Your journals have been successfully created. The Journal EDIT / POST are additional jobs that are run. You will get the error messages if you run them separately.

3. As you maybe aware, you can unlock your Journals via GL -> Monitor Background Process -> Unlock Journals.


While you can unlock your Journals by using GL -> Monitor Background Process -> Journal Unlock, for a permanent solution, try re-compiling all your COBOLs. Also, if you are using Oracle, up your RCCBL paramter, etc. and retry.

*Questions excerpted from ITToolBox.com*

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