PeopleSoft Web Client

The web certainly is not a new phenomenon. Yet its impact on the application environment continues to evolve. Once derided for its lack of functionality, the basic web browser has taken on new importance as more application vendors embrace the web as the ideal delivery vehicle for their products. Demand is fueled by the numerous benefits web clients offer, such as reduced initial and ongoing costs, easier deployment and support, and greater integration capabilities.

PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne applications are web enabled to support the increasing interest in web-based access to information. With PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Web Client, customers can take advantage of built-in rich functionality to run their applications effectively with only a browser as the interface.

At the same time, those who use PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne with a Microsoft Windows or Citrix client can easily move to the web with a minimum investment and without having to go through a painstaking upgrade process.

Web Client is a thin-client solution that delivers secure access to PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne applications. All processing takes place on the back-end servers; the client simply provides the user with the interface. The client can be any device with a supported browser.

From ease of deployment to self-service functionality, Web Client offers users a number of significant benefits. Supports Intensive Data Entry Web Client includes a number of features that allow organizations to use it with various types of applications, including those that are employed for continuous data entry. Among the features is the high-interactivity option, which enables the field-processing capabilities of Windows-based applications.

This option provides users with immediate feedback as soon as they complete fields, eliminates screen refreshes and flickering, and verifies entered data immediately. Web Client usability is also enhanced by its support of keyboard shortcuts and its multiple application framework that lets users start multiple applications during a single user session.

The Web Client is specifically designed to provide the user with robust functionality, including the ability to customize page views, import and export from Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and modify and drill into report details.

Written to work in an HTML environment, the Web Client does not require any custom software on the client. Though Windows-based thin clients force the user to pay licensing fees for Microsoft and Citrix software, browsers are often free and readily available, making Web Client a more cost-effective solution.

Also, because Web Client can accommodate more users per server as compared to a Windows-based deployment, companies do not need to spend as much on hardware and can easily add new users as needed.


Because the Web Client is browser-based, the only application that needs to be installed on the client is a basic browser such as Internet Explorer. All other application functionality is installed at the server level, minimizing installation time.

Additionally, all necessary upgrades are made on the back end rather than on the individual client. Because updates are only made at the server level, the time and effort it takes to manage and support the applications are reduced. Web Client is especially attractive to companies that have multiple, geographically dispersed locations. User support needs are reduced as well because the intuitive, browser-based user interface requires less training and help desk calls.

Web Client enables self-service functionality through PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Collaborative Portal, via the internet, to internal and external audiences such as employees, customers, and suppliers. PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne prebuilt self-service applications deliver out-of-the-box value and contribute to increased efficiencies and better customer service.

Web Client frees users from their desks. They can tap into enterprise applications and data by using any device with a browser—a PC, laptop, or PDA—from any location. Also, when employed with the PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Collaborative Portal, Web Client gives users access to all their applications through a single browser interface.

It’s also built to support preeminent web security technologies, Web Client provides for the secure transmission of data in both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments.

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