PeopleSoft Time and Labor

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Time and Labor is a flexible, integrated solution designed to support the time reporting needs of a wide range of business functions, including payroll, financial and cost accounting, project management, employee benefits, and organizational administration. PeopleSoft Time and Labor automates the processing of payable time in any large or growing organization.

PeopleSoft Time and Labor is part of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management family of applications.


PeopleSoft Time and Labor allows end users—whether on the shop floor or in a management role—to enter time and other related transactions with ease, reducing labor costs and improving effectiveness.

* Using delivered integration to both PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America and Global Payroll, T&L exports payable time directly into the pay sheets.

* Online time reporting using pre-populated timesheets. Let managers gather reported time, scheduled time, exceptions, and results of rules for viewing, editing, and approval.

* Report time in many different ways to create complex punch, elapsed, or flexible timecards and the rules that drive them.

* Create flexible schedules for fixed, rotating, or dynamic shifts.

* Managers can view, approve and commit time collection with ease for one person or all their direct reports, capturing a myriad of work details in the process.

* Approve time for direct reports after drilling down to displays of total hours, overtime and absences. Notifications alert managers to time that is awaiting approval and exceptions that need to be cleared.

* Automated integration with PeopleSoft Financials sends labor costs to the GL and drives project costing.

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