PeopleSoft Financial Management

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management Solutions (FMS) can help you gain visibility into business-critical information, strengthen financial discipline and governance best practices, and realize efficiencies by automating and standardizing key business processes.

These applications integrate with other solutions across departmental lines to help you implement departmental and industry best practices for all of your business processes.

Tight Integration, Modular Adoption

PeopleSoft FMS is a family of applications in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise product line. PeopleSoft FMS tightly integrates with other PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, including PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Automation, PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management, PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management, PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management, PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management, and PeopleSoft Enterprise Supplier Relationship Management, to deliver complete solutions for all of your business processes.

The modular nature of the PeopleSoft FMS family enables customers to deploy applications based on their specific needs.


Leverage a single repository of physical and financial data about all your properties, equipment, and IT assets, for easier development and implementation of your acquisition strategy—and readily incorporate this information into your budgeting and planning process.

* Improve asset visibility, tracking, and control with a single source of asset information that provides complete, real-time reporting and reconciliation of operational, financial, and maintenance data.

* Optimize your capital asset portfolio; know how and when to invest capital asset funds and extract maximum value from your real estate, IT, and operating assets—while minimizing costs.

* Streamline and automate asset operations with self-service functionality and out-of-the-box integration with core PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management, Enterprise Service Automation, Supplier Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, and Supply Chain Management applications that enables employees to effectively collaborate on minimizing the risk and cost of asset ownership.

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