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11There is a lot of great content out on the web, you just need to know where to look. A lot of IT folk have some really good questions regarding projects, ERP, technical stuff etc..

The purpose of this page is to bring you some of the most common or frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding PeopleSoft and/or Information technology today…

I found them pretty interesting… If you have any helpful FAQ’s (with answers)…send em to me…I’ll post them here ASAP…

I have an interview coming up against some tough competition and I am very nervous. Does anyone have any tips to better prepare myself for the interview?/a> I understand that JDE will be supporting World indefinitely. Does that mean that there will be new versions of World being distributed, or is 8.12 the final version?
Why do some ERP implementations fail? Where can I obtain training for J.D. Edwards software?
How do I write a CSV file on the second worksheet in XLS? What would be the lost benefits, if any, for not moving to OneWorld?
What is the difference between Service Packs and Maintenance Packs? Can someone offer information regarding the upgrade process from World to OneWorld?
How can I use a related field on a page that will be visible in some cases and not others? Does anyone have any information on the J.D. Edwards XPI tool?
What is the difference between Field Edit and Field Change events? Is there any way to track and report on employees’ seniority within Peoplesoft HR?
How can I define a PeopleSoft object for one of my clients? Is there any SQR or other program which lists the number of tables and steps referenced in a given App. Engine program?
How can I find the transaction tables in PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 module-wise? I would like to change the Home Page Image (Peoplesoft logo) which appears on the top left section of any page. How can I insert another image?
How frequently should our web servers be rebooted? What files should be cleaned out regularly?  We are implementing EPM and have two questions:
Why is it necessary to implement the data mart part when you can build the Cube Manager from the Data Warehouse?
Can you drill-through from the PS generated cube down to the SQL database (with cogos/essbase cube)?
I would like to upload bills from an external source via PeopleSoft Billing Interface. How should the “Bill By” Option be handled? We have a problem with Journals generated from subsystems getting locked. 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using bind variables in SQLExec statements? I have been told to force some users to change their passwords in PeopleSoft the next time they log-in. Is there any way to do this?
I need to do a table conversion without using the TC tool. Is it just a matter of doing the ER in a BV instead of in the TC? Building/Adding an ETL Map to EPM’s ODS Loading
I am having a problem with interactive versions. I need to show and hide certain columns depending on versions.  We are going to migrate from 8.01 HRMS to 8.8. At the same time we will be re-evaluating our customizations and attempting to decustomize our system as much as possible. Our business unit, deptid and jobcodes will be revamped too. My developers are recommending implementation of a vanilla 8.8 system and porting transformed data to the vanilla platform. Has anyone gone through an upgrade this way?
How can I retrieve Ms Access data from my OneWorld application in real-time
We are performing an upgrade from Financials V7.52/Tools V7.62 to Financials V8.4/ Tools V8.42. The data conversion seems to be very time consuming. Does anyone have any thoughts to share on how to drastically increase performance?
Does OneWorld come with different language options in the base package? What about accounting localization? Implementing Row Level Security in PeopleSoft CRM
How can I implement row level security in Peoplesoft CRM v8.8?
How can I find the IMPORT and EXPORT Directories for a OneWorld install on the Enterprise Server? How does this work in a AS/400 environment? When you go to Process Multi Currency in PS 8.4, there are two components, Translate and Tanslate Within Ledger. All of the pages in both ledgers are the same, so what is the difference in functionality between them?
Can you have the same address number for entities who are both Customers as well as Suppliers? We are upgrading to PeopleSoft version 8.8. Where can I find how to do this? Is there a flowchart I can follow?
Is there any quick and easy way to find out which OneWorld tables are being hit, when for example doing an Inventory Transfer, without going through the code? How do you get employees available for search in the staffing workbench?
What is the distinction between BOM and Parts List? What is the Current Cost
vs. the Completed Cost?
I have built a grid within my PeopleSoft page and I have a push-button/hyperlink on the grid. When someone clicks on this grid, how can I find out the unique ID for the row they clicked on in PeopleCode?
Is it possible to e-mail the One World report to the customers automatically? We are in the process of upgrading from 7.51 to 8.3. What I want to know is what direction did you take in the upgrading process, and why?
What is the difference between “Fixed Lead Time” and “Variable Lead Time?” Can someone explain what Business Units, TableSets and SetIDs are?
What are the mappings for the Master Business Function’s (MBF) on Windows 2000 with Windows Terminal Server (WTS)? We are also using Citrix clients. What is the difference between a Dynamic View and an SQL View?
I would like to know whether a data item created in OMW can be deleted. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using AE or SQR?
What is the definition for Job Cost in One World? How can you set trace on for AE, Cobol, etc, without setting the trace on the process scheduler?
We are migrating to JDE OneWorld Xe. What might be considered the minimum core courses to take following the overview of OW Xe?

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