I need to do a table conversion without using the TC tool


I need to do a table conversion without using the TC tool. Is it just a matter of doing the ER in a BV instead of in the TC?

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We used the report writer to read the tab or comma delimited flat files we created from our Legacy systems, and have them outputted to a JDE table or z-file. Within the UBE, we performed the necessary checks to ensure the data was valid.


There are a couple of ways to do this.

If you are writing to a table defined within JDE you can use Table I/O to write records through the UBE Event Rules.

The Report Design Aid (RDA) also has the functionality to export data from a section to a non-JDE table using the Database Output option. Basically, you set focus on the section that you want exported, select “Section” and select “Database Output”.

Then, define the Database Output parameters. The Name field will be the name of the output file. The Operation(s) can be Insert Only, Update, Insert or Update or Delete. The Type can be a Fixed length record file, or Comma delimited file. For a Fixed length record file or Comma delimited file, the file name must end in “.txt”.

Next, map the parameters of the input business view columns to the output file. The Source Section is the name of the Section and the Source Object will allow you to select the business view column or variable you wish to export (double click on the blank field).

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