What would be the lost benefits, if any, for not moving to OneWorld?

What would be the lost benefits, if any, for not moving to OneWorld?


This is simpler than it appears really. World is a very stable product and if you do not have the need to move it is usually not worth it. In the short term you can have JDE give you a proposal on what it would take to switch and a review of the pro-con issue. In the short term the choice could likely be World, since the cost to convert will be high and the benefit will not always be there to justify it. One of the main drawbacks to OneWorld is the complexity is higher and the dependability on the CNC side is difficult to achieve.

Long term however there really is no choice. If you think JDE will continue to bring World along as it does OneWorld then you are being unrealistic. World will be supported and improved, but only to a maintenance level. Many features and added functionality that will come to be in OneWorld will never be incorporated into World. The expense is simply too high. So get the proposal and review the short-term gain. Most likely World is still a good choice short term. Then going forward keep the move to OneWorld in mind if you intend to stay with JDE. On the other hand if you have the type of staff to support the transition now and it will bring you some added benefits then you may want to convert now. It is something that will have to be evaluated at World customers on a per case basis.

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