How frequently should our web servers be rebooted?


How frequently should our web servers be rebooted? What files should be cleaned out regularly? How can I be sure the system is running at optimum performance?

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All of your questions can be summed up in one common phrase – “That depends…”

You’re obviously aware of the logs that build up and need cleaning out periodically; if not take a stroll through the directories and you’ll see them. One of them is a bear and grows large fast (psftaccess? webaccess?). They do need to be cleaned out, but how often depends on how heavy traffic is and how big your hard drive is. Take note each day of the size of the individual log files and record their size. You’ll see a trend and be able to extrapolate how often you need to clean things out. An upgrade to PeopleTools 8.19 would get you some help with the logs and allow you to specify that they archive themselves based on a schedule you dictate. This makes it easy to delete them without stopping the servers.

We end up rebooting every three weeks or so for some maintenance, not because the servers need it. Once again, it will take experimentation and observation on your part to figure out how often you need to do this.

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