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When it comes to your company’s financial health, there is no room for error. Can you quickly access accurate, up-to-date cash flow and income data to make informed decisions about strategic initiatives and capital investments? How do your internal business processes compare to best practices in the areas of payables, receivables, contracts, projects, expenses, and real estate? Do you have a clear understanding of the factors driving your profitability and performance?

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials Warehouse collects all of your financial data into a single repository, enabling you to monitor performance and analyze trends. With this multidimensional view of your company’s financial health, you always know where you stand-and why-so you can take immediate action on issues that directly influence profitability.


A Powerful Foundation for World-Class Finance


The Financials Warehouse offers six seamlessly integrated but stand-alone data marts that deliver the maps, measures, and models required for analysis in a defined financial management subject area. Deployed together, the marts provide a single source of financial results for complete reporting and analysis. Deployed independently, the marts provide best practice analysis in a single discipline without requiring a complete warehouse implementation.

Each of the data marts has been rationalized to accept and store content from PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and JD Edwards World product families, allowing you to bring data together from these source systems into one place for reporting and analysis.

Enterprise Service Automation (ESA) Mart: ESA Mart calculates standard metrics that service organizations need to maintain tight control over services costs.

General Ledger and Profitability Mart: General Ledger and Profitability Mart helps finance organizations analyze their organization’s assets, liabilities, equity, and profit and loss position to better understand the factors that influence profitability.

Payables Mart: Payables Mart provides information about suppliers, vouchers, match exceptions, and payments to help you closely manage your cash position.

Receivables Mart: Receivables Mart allows you to view customer payments, balances, and write-offs, and perform multidimensional analysis against your receivables activities and information.

Advanced Cost Accounting Mart: Advanced Cost Accounting Mart provides access to cost drivers by customer, product, or geographic region. Use Advanced Cost Accounting Mart with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne transaction systems.

Real Estate Mart: Real Estate Mart allows you to monitor the operating expenses and operations of your real estate portfolio and understand rental rates by property. Use Real Estate Mart with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne transaction systems.

* Flexible Information Access

PeopleSoft Finacials Warehouse delivers packaged reports for Oracle BI Standard Edition (Discoverer). PeopleSoft Financials Warehouse also supports third party BI tools, including those from Cognos, MicroStrategy, and Business Objects. With these flexible information access tools and PeopleSoft Financials Warehouse, knowledge workers, business analysts, and managers can perform sophisticated business analysis with ad-hoc querying and reporting, personalized scorecards and dashboards, multidimensional analysis and exploration, and formatted production-style reports.

* Single, Analytics Framework

PeopleSoft Financials Warehouse is built on Oracle’s PeopleSoft EPM Foundation, a single analytics framework that provides IT organizations with one platform and toolset from which to manage and support your warehouse. PeopleSoft EPM Foundation includes best-in-class extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools, powerful metadata management tools, multi-currency and multi-language support, and built-in security features that enable unparalleled flexibility, openness, and modularity.

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