What is the definition for Job Cost in One World?

What is the definition for Job Cost in One World?


The JDE Job Cost module can be used rather broadly to support the work breakdown structures, accounting and reporting of extensive multi-phased jobs or simpler capital and expense-type projects. It is seamlessly integrated with the general ledger, and therefore integrated with the other JDE modules including Accounts Payable, Procurement and Accounts Receivable, Billing, etc. Job Cost supports reporting of actuals, budgets, projections, and commitments. It also offers various methods to recognize costs and revenues.


In addition, the set up of the Job Cost module is quite light and it offers an online, multi-year (inception to date) overview on a Business Unit or Business Unit master, along with the financial year prism of GL.

But you must keep in mind that:
– it shares the same chart of accounts and balance file as GL;
– offers additional ledgers (for estimates for instance);
– treats the account number the reverse way (subsidiary first, object second) => you need to anticipate this in your account definition to get the the full benefit from of the module.

I have been involved in many JDE Finance implementations in Europe for 8 years now and I systematically recommend to set up Job Cost along with the other Finance modules, whatever the business requirements are, just because it enhances the online query possibilities on financial data.

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