Connect ID

The connect ID performs the initial connection to the database.

Note: PeopleSoft no longer creates users at the database level.

A connect ID is a valid user ID that, when used during sign-in, takes the place of PeopleSoft user IDs. Using a connect ID means you don’t have to create a new database user for every PeopleSoft user that you add to the system.

Note. A connect ID is required for a direct connection (two-tier connection) to the database. Application servers and two-tier Microsoft Windows clients require a connect ID. You specify the connect ID for an application server in the Signon section of the PSADMIN utility. For Microsoft Windows clients, you specify the connect ID in the Startup tab of PeopleSoft Configuration Manager. You can create a connect ID by running the Connect.SQL and Grant.SQL scripts.

Warning! Without a connect ID specified, the system assumes that workstation is accessing PeopleSoft through an application server. The option to override the database type is disabled.

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