How can I find the transaction tables in PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 module-wise?


How can I find the transaction tables in PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 module-wise? I can find all the control tables for PS8.4 in Customer Connection but not the Transaction tables.

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Here’s one method I’ve used on several sites:

1) Get a row count from every table in the database (pick a database that has the most activity). Try to record the tablespace name in your SQL/SQR. This tablespace name is stored somewhere in psrecdefn, even if you don’t use tablespace names.

2) Only focus on tables that have data (I’ll sometimes rerun the counts and find new tables with data to add to the list).

3) Put the list of populated tables (or all tables) into an Excel document or Access database. Have a column/field that specifies the type of table (Transaction, Control, Counter, Temp, Run Control, etc).

4) Based on Tablespace name and the record name, you can categorize many of the tables (TMP and TAO are probably temp tables). If the Tablespace name is something with LARGE, it probably is a transaction table.

5) Also, if the first field in the record is Business Unit, it is likely a transaction. Starts with Setid – Type is Control/Setup Data. Starts with Oprid – Type is Run Control.

6) For the tables you are unsure of, print the list of tables by module and have your lead functionals, query writers, or technical staff detect the type of table.

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