How can I define a PeopleSoft object for one of my clients?

How can I define a PeopleSoft object for one of my clients?

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Those of us who use Peoplesoft daily use the term “object” for all the things in Application Designer. In fact, older versions of Peoplesoft used that term in the “insert” menu. However, the “insert” menu now uses the term “definitions”, and this is sometimes a better term to use when speaking to clients.

Using the term “definitions” makes more sense to new clients because they think of the database as containing the “objects”. Sometimes it is easier for them to follow the concept that Application Designer holds the definitions of objects that take form in the database more readily than they can follow the concept that Peoplesoft objects become database objects. It is true that there are Application Designer definitions that do not become database objects, however, this is more readily explained if you aren’t using the same term in both places.

So when you talk about Application Designer projects with clients, you should use the term “definitions” rather than “objects”. They need to understand that when you move a “definition” from one database to another, there is no corresponding “object” until it is built in the database.

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